Trusted team

VergabeNavi is a small but dynamic team and will guide you through the entire public procurement procedure.



Extensive experience

VergabeNavi believes in collective intelligence.


As a team specialiced in public procurement we constantly aggregate expertise in strategic management consulting.


Therefore, we are able to provide you the most valueable support in the public procurement procedure.

Confide cooperation

You are an expert regarding your product or service.


Therefore, do not waste your time in the formal and complex procedure of the public procurement.


VergabeNavi supports you through the entire public procurement process - reliable, uncomplicated and with success.

The team for you tender.

Anna Porsch-Sutter

Legal Consultant

Anna is a passionate consultant. Her extensive experience as a lawyer in public procurement law is the basis for the success of our clients. Anna knows what is important.




Konstantin Knaller

Legal Associate

Konstantin proves that dynamism and meticulousness are compatible. As an experienced legal employee and already well-versed in public procurement law, he is an integral part of the VergabeNavi team.